Born in Lima in 1991 and moved to Montreal in 1996.
I designed my first collection for my cat at the age of eight, using my mother's sweaters. None of them were satisfied with the result, for different reasons :( But I was a persistent kid, so I didn't give up. 
Studying fashion and textiles from a variety of perspectives, I learned to combine craft expertise with artistic practices.
In my work, I look for sensations of aliveness, softness and lightness. Shapes that stimulate curiosity. Forms that offer company and comfort.

MA Fashion and Textile Design (NABA, Milan)
BFA Fibres and Material Practices (Concordia University, Montreal)
DEC Fashion Design (LaSalle College, Montreal)

Awards & Grants
MAECI Grant, NABA Scholarship, MESRST Mobility Bursary, TELIO Scholarship

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